Jean Claude Duvalier,his ex wife & some macoutes must go to prison in 2012.

Agent-x - January 4 2012, 10:17 PM

Jean Claude Duvalier, his ex wife and the war criminal macoutes must go to prison in 2012.
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Douvino says...

Se pa Duvalier selman ki dwe al nan prizon. Daye, Nou dwe fe Jean Claude gras. Min vreman, Nou dwe juge aristid, ak tout makout lavalas li yo, epi flanke tout nan prizon pou jamais. Spesyalman poutet li te kraze lame peyi ya an 1994, la. Sa se dezod, more »

Agent-x says...

You said that they must judge Aristide also. Such line of reasoning is illogical, preposterous because Aristide had been a legal and a legitimate president in Haiti. ♦Aristide was democratically elected with 75% of the votes even-though som more »

Douvino says...

Hey sir you got the whole picture of my message wrong. You missed the point. There is not a question whether he was elected with 500% maybe you might want to read the message again, and maybe, just maybe you'll get the point. The man deserve to b more »

Richelle says...

Your thesis is very clear;thefore,do not reply to no stupid who has no reading comprehension to get your point.It is not your fault that they are ignorant.Aristide should be in prison and will be remember that. more »