Toulimin, I agree with you for not practicing exclusion for...

Samba - January 16 2012, 12:03 PM

Toulimin, I agree with you for not practicing exclusion for any Haitian born on the mainland or overseas from one or two Haitian parents.

I agree with you at 500% for the law on ethnic representation in Haiti.

Mulattos and dark skinned Haitians are two different ethnic groups and they have their own mixed culture which is different as compared to the Western World's Culture.

Mulattos are closer to the whites and they use and eat mostly white products to protect themselves against all types of discrimination aimed at decimating the black race. They are closely practicing the Darwinism on the evolution of species to maintain their race superiority over the dark skinned Haitians like the Whites against the entire black race. Good job on the Haitian Nationality and also on the ethnic representation law in Haiti.

May God bless you! You are our lantern although hated by the mulattos on this blog.

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