Agency-X-1804 Special Reports 30 January 2012

Agent-x - January 30 2012, 8:22 PM

30 January 2012
You already know that Agency-X-1804 moved to Chicago, Illinois from Los Angeles California over the weekend.

We are in the process of fixing our equipments.

While some of you are eager to receive Agency-X-1804 unaltered news instead of the U.S. Censorship media, we highly recommends that during the interim you should visit the web links posted below:
coast to coast program by George Noory

In addition, you should Google Presa Latina, Pravda, people's daily, el-nacional com, FARS news agency,, Al ahram weekly, the final call, haiti-liberte, haiti-progres com. Le Monde Diplomatique, India Times, Agora Sao Paulo to name a few Because when US committed atrocities and war crime in the Middle East and elsewhere the US press either minimize them or don't report them while the news is published around the world except in the US. When serious news is happening around the world, the US usually bombarded its news paper and TV with sex scandals, gossip stories, Religion, organize crime stories, sports news, and other worthless news and fake issues.

Last but not the least, Purchase a Wifi-Radio online, at Best Buy stores, or any other large electronics department stores in your town.

With a Wifi-radio you could tune in more than 50,000 radio stations around the world.

For Haiti alone you could tune in more than 60 stations.

You could listen to any Haitian radio program in the diaspora around the world.

The wifi radios covers AM, FM, SW, SCA, Satellites and other forms of radio stations around the world.

Stop buying the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribunes, Washington Post, Daily News, the Post to cite the top most "prestigeous ones" They are running under the umbrella of the same master.

If you read one of them, that means you read all of them because they carry the same news, opinion and defend the same interest.

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