The death of Whitney Elizabeth Houston is a warning to Michel Martelly

Alexandre - February 12 2012, 12:56 AM

The death of Whitney Elizabeth Houston will serve to teach Michel Martelly to stop smoking crack and cocaine.

Martelly cannot control his behavior in private and in public because he is under the influence of crack.

Any journalist in Haiti will tell you the boy is under the influence; that is why he is so rude with Haitian journalists.

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Bitchfuckthat says...

WTF? How you know he smokes crack? You must be smoking with him. Get your bloody facts straight you uptown gardner. Stop Hating, he has done so much that other presidents wouldn't want to do. more »

Alexandre says...

BitchfuckthatWtf? Dou you asked me how I know Martelly smokes crack?,cocaine,marijuana,dry peau figue etc? Because when Martelly was saying that to the world in front of Televisions,you were so high on crack yourself that you could not register what more »