Haitians in Haiti have elected sold out representatives and...

Toulimen Legrand - February 14 2012, 10:08 AM

Haitians in Haiti have elected sold out representatives and senators in the past 26 years and this will continue on and on. Haitian people are far to get good elected officials to defend them and they are a bunch of greedy corrupt officials and that is why the oligarch of Haiti retains their market monopoly over Haiti.

Only an economic revolution and not a social one can save Haiti.

We should get the oligarch CEOs out of office to save Haiti.

A law on equal representation of both Haitian ethnic groups will pave the way for this economic revolution to follow its course.

It is sad to realize that concurrence cannot occur within the Haitian market without effusion of blood(remember how they got the Ismery brothers killed)in Haiti.

Take note, this oligarch is ready to eliminate anyone who can end their monopoly in Haiti.

What should we do to end oppression in Haiti?

And the more Haitians are oppressed the more crimes they will commit against each other to survive.

One cannot solve Haiti's problems without ending the economic and social oppression in Haiti.

Insecurity is economic oppression with the market monopoly of the Haitian oligarch.

Make notes of that, bye...

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Marc Henry formerly known as Tiba,I like what you...


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