Fighting The Evilness of North American Bioscientists

Toulimen Legrand - February 14 2012, 11:39 AM

We should remain on high alert to protect ourselves against biowarfare against the human population by North American bioscientists.

With their biopower, they are the ones inside our hospitals to decide the gender of our children and the diseases they should acquire after they are born. For instance, if one is born within a poor family one has the higher percentage of chances to acquire venereal diseases genes, bipolar, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia and chromosomal genes'change (homosexuality occurs here on all forms).

The poorest one is the greater chance one may have to have abnormal children if born within any north America's hospitals.The evilness of North American scientists require each country to opt for a progressive society to reflect their evilness, which is complete modification of human chromosomal genes and acquired genes diseases.

We should change our laws, cultural and religious values to cope with the new genders meaning people with Modified DNA as known as gays, bisexuals, lesbians and inter-sexes.

They silence the church and everyone because the pope can be killed by his own bioscientists if rebelled against their evil practices.

All this evilness is republican measures to retain supremacy over world material wealth.

It is sad to live in a world like that. I would never believe that I could live in a dangerous world like that on my late 50s. Most of you are brainwashed to swallow the evil pills of bioscientists and you will be doomed to failure.

Science is leading the world and political, religious and economic leaders.

Bioscientists believe to be gods on earth because they have the monopoly on modifying human bodies to reflect their evilness.

May God watch over you!

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