Time To Liberate Duvalier's Sold Out Slaves To Dominican Republic

Toulimen Legrand - February 17 2012, 11:51 PM

The braceros program started with the five super ministers of Duvalier Jean-Claude and never ended since.

Haitians in those heavily guarded basteys there are called Haitian slaves.

It is time to liberate them after thirty years of Dominican slavery.

Would any of you can forward this issue to the United Nations and stand up for their liberation.

Jean-Claude Duvalier and his prostitute wife sold those Haitians for huge sum of money.

Duvalier after that sale became a kinky hair mulatto and slave owner.

He brought shame and humiliation to Haiti by supplying slaves to Dominican Republic, a country that was under our command for years.

No more of Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime in Haiti.

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Charlemagne Peralte says...

What can we do to liberate those Duvalier's sold out black slaves? If they were light skinned mulattos, they would already be freed. Should Duvalier Jean-Claude return the pocketed money earned on the backbone of those black Haitian slaves in the Do more »