Mr Toulimen I had to respond to this piece. Listen to you...

Kamoken Scandinavia - February 19 2012, 8:25 PM

Mr Toulimen

I had to respond to this piece.

Listen to you talking is like listening to those former Nazis that I had had the privilege to talk to in Trier Germany or those former member of "El Condor pasa" of South America(Pinochet Chile, Strossner Paraguay, Banzer, Videla, Figeiredo and Co- who had destroyed, maimed in the name of anti communisme and that so called utopian order.

Sometimes Compatriote Toulimen I even feel sympathetic to them but the question is not whether any of them did somehow loved their Country or not-- it is the number or innocent, defenseless, vile and systematic elimination that took place under the leadership.

Compatriote Toulimen: Did Duvalier witness severe prejudices in Port au Prince, in Jacmel or in Jeremie as he was coming up?

Yes he did.Were some Duvalierists and early Military Academicians denied entrance to Lambi Night Club by some nasty light skin N.ger?

Yes indeed but the question Toulimen did some poor peasants, illiterate and harmless lose their lives or were imprisoned for years for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

I bet you and that is what makes Duvalierism as shameful and as guilty as des apatrides comme Borno Stenio Vincent or Blanchard or Saliba or the rest.

Mr Toulimen, I do not see Martelly breaking the cycle.

I do not see Martelly getting rid of this nasty oligachy in Haiti that has kept Haiti in the chains of poverty, under development, diseases, malnutrition and all the other plights.

Mr Toulimen I do not see Martelly navigate the tentacles of Mayard Paul, Balmir, Day, Brunache.

I do not see Martelly capable of chopping the claws of this nasty oligarchy that control 95% of the wealth of the Country and whose members as you said in one of your post control almost 80% of the administrative branch of the Haiti's institutions.

Mr Toulimen, we must look forward.

We ought to stay alert and create a consciousness in the masses until the time is right for a truly, bloody, once and for all truly revolution in Haiti
Far from our land I am still observing


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