I believe that Haiti is overdue to a bloody revolution, but...

Toulimen Legrand - February 19 2012, 11:31 PM

I believe that Haiti is overdue to a bloody revolution, but there is an international community that keeps supporting this oligarchy and as such we are all doomed to failure.

Only a Castro or one among them could lead the revolution and transform this country.

Martelly could be a Jean-Claudisme and I don't believe he is a Duvalierist.

I am not a Nazi and I will never embrace Nazism ideology.

I disagree with Duvalier Francois for his excess against the mulattos and I truly condemn the Vepres of Jeremie.

I will never kill people who are against my ideology because I believe in true democracy.

I dislike the Haitian Oligarchy for not transforming Haiti after all those years, but if they want to transform Haiti by removing oppression I will join them to do that.

Rich people exist in all countries around the world and they are hated to a different degree as compared to the way Haitians hate them. One friend of mine told me that Mevz told him that the day Haiti elects a true leader to defend Haiti's national interests they would help that leader and they would put all their pennies at work to transform Haiti.The Haitian Oligarchy is awaiting to true leadership to occur in Haiti before they accept a redistribution of the wealth.

I said that I am a Duvalierist not a Jean-Claudist and I will not back down. Duvalier was not a Nazist nor a dictator as a labeled by the oligarchy and the United States.

He had a good social program like Martelly but the anti-economic progress forces stood up against him and transformed him to a monster.

He became a criminal while being in power and not before he got elected president.

Duvalier was an ethno-physicist who truly understood Haiti's core problems, the international community and the Carribean Region through the American Imperialism's maneuvers.

Haiti is an oppressed country and the oppressors are the United States, France, Canada and the Haitian Oligarchy.

How can you lead a revolution in a country like that?

Politics is not easy as you may think of it. We are weak before those forces and therefore we should negotiate to change stuffs that can benefit the majority.

The peasants represent 70% of the people and they are happy with that oligarchy.

They live peacefully with them and they are the ones who are growing crops for them. They are illiterate and they treat those people as Gods. They will kill you if they are asked to do so like they killed Louis Eugene Attis and Luc B. Innocent.

Did those people hate the oligarchy?

No. How can you get rid of a well structured oligarchy like the one in Haiti.

Only negotiations can pave the way for a better Haiti.

Revolution with who?

The peasants, you must forget that my friend, Duvalier would have lead that revolution if that was so easy. May the Almighty God bless you and appease your mind in this time of troubles there!

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