Jean-Claude and Nicolas Duvalier II Are Not Duvalierists But Mulatto Elites

Loulou Dadaye - February 20 2012, 12:00 PM

With Nicolas Duvalier II, Haiti will have more rampant corruption and nepotism will rule the place.

Men will be more machos and seductors and women will suffer more harassment in the workplace.

Women will always need to sleep with a man or a big patron to be promoted.

It will be the reproduction of the French system in Haiti like it was with Petion, Borno, Boyer and so on. We should strive to block Nicolas's presidential candidacy in Haiti in the next five years.

Jean-Claude and Nicolas are not Duvalierists and we should see them as slaves owners like Toulimin argued it last time. I will be another kamikaze to block their return in power in Haiti.

Jean-Claudism is corruption and symbol of shame for Haiti.

They are better stay away from Haitian politics if they don't want us to resurrect Dessalines, Duvalier Francois and Soulouque against them. They are the expression of shame and kinky hair sold out mulattos.

No more of those dog vomits in Haiti!

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