I never prone a bloody revolution although I do believe that...

Toulimen Legrand - February 21 2012, 10:38 AM

I never prone a bloody revolution although I do believe that Haiti is overdue for such thing to occur.

The oppressors such as the seven richest families and the international community need to think that one day Haitian people will lose their patience and Dessalines will resurrect within them to lead another social and economic revolution to end oppression in Haiti.

Oppression fosters poverty, criminality and insecurity as well. The days those oppressors stop oppressing others the better and the safer will be Haiti.

I always advocate peace and dialog to better Haitians' life but the oppressors are not listening my friend.

One day they will learn what oppression is in the lives of the oppressed ones and it will be perhaps too late. The Tutsis in Rwanda never thought they could be gone one day and now their oppression came to an end. One day, the Haitian oppression will end too. We have the means to end it. They believe in the power of their guns and they control most Voodoo priests and the Christian churches to oppress the poor, but one day there could a coalition of goodwill among all those groups and Dessalines will say enough is enough.

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