Haitian Parliament To Be Closed Soon If There Is No Government

Paul Evans Hilaire - February 28 2012, 7:01 PM

We are calling on the president to shut the parliament immediately if there is no government in Haiti in the next coming days. The state of Haiti cannot continue to operate with a bunch of voyous aimed at destabilizing the country to defend their personal interests ok. We cannot continue to pay the enemies of the nation to please CIA against the interests of the Haitian people.

I am calling on the demobilized army to cease the power immediately and secure the interests of Haiti.

Martelly needs to call upon them to secure his power and order new parliamentary elections in Haiti.

Himler Rebu should lead the demobilized army in order to restore trust and confiance in Haiti.

No more game with those moron senators and house representatives.

We, Haitians, in the Diaspora, are tired with those monsters and the Haitian Constipation of 1987. We should reject this constitution of exclusion to adopt another one or call upon non-Duvalierist experts like Mirelande Manigat, Sauveur Pierre Etienne and Michel Rolph Trouillot etc to submit a new version of the Haitian Constitution.

Please do not bring on board Osner Fevry and Gerard Gourgues, both Diaspora haters, like Dr. Louis Eugene Roy, the uncle of Veronique Roy the current concubine of Jean-Claude Duvalier who could die any time soon due to his leucemia disease.

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Tiba says...

It will happen soon and I m glad that you brought it on. I will be in Haiti next month to lead the former Haitian army and Martelly will get all the supports he needs to do so. All contracts signed with all Latin American countries will be implemente more »

Antoine Simon Estime says...

I am for the parliament closure, in conjunction with Creole Army restoration Also I am for inclusion of the diaspora the unification of the Haitian family. The People living in Haiti and abroad should come together in one voice. The few elite more »

Antoine Simon Estime says...

I don't see how we will have our National Army back when the country is under occupation of foreign forces and under a legislative Dictatorship. more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

The occupation of Haiti should come to an end and MINUSTAH should be out of Haiti. Whether they like it or not Haitian Diaspora will be included in all Haiti's decisions. Haiti's elites sold us as slaves to work overseas to enrich them. They expect more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We should not accept any kind of occupation in Haiti. This is the lowest point Haiti can survive with the parliament,bad politicians. We need to eject the parliament from their seats ASAP. We need new blood to lead,new politicians with dignity and more »

Antoine Simon Estime says...

Preval did it. No reasons at all. Martelly seem to love that cloud. Please, President Martelly Presidential decret. DISOLVE THE PARLIAMENT. Haiti will love you for that. more »

Dr. D says...

My friend, I am adressing you here respect because I feel that you're crueless about Haiti's politics. With no certainty about the president's nationality, I am sorry to say that this president has no real power to close parliament. Haiti's con more »