New constitution, New Force Armees, depart Minustah.

Antoine Simon Estime - March 6 2012, 11:23 AM

Une nouvelle Force Arme d'Haiti, Jobs et logement.

Une nouvelle Constitution et la decentralization.

Education, lutte contre la fain.
Depart des forces etrangers et reconstruction d'Haiti.

Those are the real issues that President Martelly campa
gned on. We the people (Diaspora and the masses)elected
him because we agreed and approved his plan, but not be
cause he was perfect.

Of course we knew he wasn't perfect

However, we understand the "Status quo" through the
parliament and the senate had worked adversly against
the country progress.

This is their tradition since 1987.
They have no merci on Haiti despite the Earthquake.

We the people, we Stand with our President.

We will take the
Streets if they keep blocking our President and our country.

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Ti Coq says...

President Martelly Needs the ARMY stat. To tackle this false 1987 constitution. Who can better defent the constitution where every Haitiens ( diaspora,Army and masses ) are included? - F.A.D.H. period. more »

Deriviere says...

Mo F.A.D.H sa-a fe ke neg palmen yo Sote. Le F.A.D.H. tounin, se le sa-a oua we neg ak colera en dedan palemen. Diare ap pran neg sila yo kap bay traca neg kap maspinin peple la kap bloke peyi a. Yo pa ka mache san kout makak. more »

Martelly S Idol says...

Martelly knows that he has to do all he can to keep the occupation in Ha more »