Haiti Needs An Army To Stop CIA and Haitian's Elites Killing in Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - March 28 2012, 3:19 PM

Haitian Army Forces as known as FADH was born on the Island of Hispaniola as an Indigenous Army to secure the peace of Haiti against all destroyers of the Haitian Nation since 1771. The army was never abolished and it was reduced to cope with Haiti's budgetary expenses.

We need to have this army back not only to protect the wealthiest ones in Haiti, but to bring peace to all Haitians by stoping the genocide on Haitian dissidents by CIA and the Haitian Elites.

U.S military bases from Avenue N, Tabarre and other parts of Haiti must be kicked out and MINUSTAH must leave.

Haiti should remain for Haitians and not for foreigners.

Haitians should claim their lands back from those NGOs and Haiti should be free to all as of now.

We need to kick those NGO spies out of Haiti and the Haitian Red Cross must be contained to prevent U.S. biowarfares against Haitians in Haiti.

With vaccines, the United States will get the Haitian population under control and more deaths will come. I agree with Amadinejab that put medicines available to all Iranians who got their chromosomes altered to become gays. Surgery and medicines are available and free of charges to all Iranians who get their DNA, RNA and chromosomes altered.

That is why the scientific Jews want to kill this guy. Jews are experts in biowarfares and they know how to transform and kill human beings as well. The hecatomb will come soon and Iran is ready for them.

There is no gay in Iran argues Amadinejab on CNN with Larry King. This is the only country on earth free from the spread of homosexuality worldwide.

All Iran vaccines got tested in Iran and in other places to avoid the gay genes from being imported and transfered there.

They will not import gay genes argue Amadinejab on CNN. The vaccine creators are mad and they want his skin badly.

Good job Jean-Pierre for supporting the Indigenous Army of Haiti as known as by the FADH and long life to this army. We need it as I state before not to defend the interests of the wealthiest ones but to secure the peace in Haiti.

MINUSTAH must go and the FADH should be back in power.

I am asking Martelly to dialog with them and hopefully he will ok. I will update you soon. Remain confident and the army will return soon and there is no doubt about that.

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Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Toulimen, Toulimem, Toulimen Come down, take a deep breath and exhale as long as you can,,,,Please Brother Ahmadinedjad, Jews, population control, hecatomb, vaccine, homosexuality...a litany of terms But you fail to mention the Dominican Republi more »

Richelle says...

I agree with you,Dominican Republic is our worse enemy because of history;therefore,if these so-called haitian politichien ever care include Aristide all the way to Martelly,there shouldn't be no Haitian live there.Despite the fact that Dominican we more »

Victor Valerio says...

Are you crazy Richelle, where you live? so isn't in Dominican, no in Haiti... Be quite and don't be Stupid be pacient because we're help you, like or not!! Shame on you, Stupid! more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Richele Halh a billion dollars contracts to the Dominican because some Ni...r have a yellow, sick and abuse P...y. And meanwhile our Brothers are dying in Dominican Republic-our tenth Department more »

Zandolite. Kako says...

Vous de la Diaspora ne soyez pas timide Si vous ete un Haitien avec double nationalite jamais ne vous laissez point intimider par ces politiciens pasqu' aujourd'hui un peu partout dans le monde il est question de communication et collaboration. Ce q more »