Toulimen, Toulimem, Toulimen Come down, take a deep breath and...

Kamoken Scandinavia - March 29 2012, 7:49 PM

Toulimen, Toulimem, Toulimen
Come down, take a deep breath and exhale as long as you can,,,,Please Brother
Ahmadinedjad, Jews, population control, hecatomb, vaccine, homosexuality
...a litany of terms
But you fail to mention the Dominican Republic, our biggest ennemy.

As of now, at this minute one Haitian Brother is being killed in Dominican Republic...As of this minute one Haitian Sister is being raped in the Dominican of now one haitian child if being mistreated, violated, dissected by a Criminal Dominican and as of now we have more than a few thousands farm workers that have not eaten nothing since this morning.

Let us focus here on Haiti and the millions of problems we have and let entertain any ideas and suggest any solution that may be useful to us


Haiti Needs An Army To Stop CIA and Haitian's Elites Killing in Haiti

Haitian Army Forces as known as FADH was born on the Island of Hispaniola as an Indigenous Army to secure the peace of...

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I agree with you,Dominican Republic is our worse...

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