Haiti: The Cursed Island or The Predatory Republic

Samba Tirouj - April 2 2012, 2:45 PM

Every time this country is trying to move forward dark forces behind the scene are working secretly to destroy the country and keep Haitians overseas forever.

Haitians are doomed to failure and they are prone to corruption more than any other countries around the world.

The destructive forces of Haiti are the international community and the Haitian Elites who love to see their educated Haitian workforce living overseas forever.

Mostly dark skinned Educated Haitians are living hell overseas while light skinned Haitians are holding most of the good jobs as offered to educated foreigners.

Overseas, they consider light skinned Haitians are the true skilled Haitians.

We need to call for a social revolution like Cuba or Rwanda to finally end suffering in Haiti.

We need that and it should be done quickly.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

All you need to start is weapons and a plane ticket. Start and i will follow you :) more »

Joubert says...

Li le pou nou netoye bouda moun rich nan peyi Dayiti. Li le pou nou rele an mre e frape pie nou pou nou di tout rakete, malfekte ak tout koripte ke Abraham di se ase. Fok nou dechouke met blog sa a tou. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

The time will come soon or later,the balance have too much difference. Pa okipe kaalanmbbe met't blog sa,se yon tett't lan'ngiet't. Fok'k wou apran kon viv ak chinfou. more »