He must go! he must go! he must go

Dr. D - April 2 2012, 5:52 PM

The changes I would like to see in Haiti is for Martelly Criminal and thieft to leave power and finally have real election in the country.Not even a year to his mendate, he's already stealing the country blind.

Even before he became president, he had already began to plot on the poor haitians.

My God help us with all of these patrie-poche.And you want to come around talking about Aristide being the worst for Haiti.

You aint see nothing yet.
I've said once and I will said again: None of these M***f gives a danm about Haiti or its people.

Only Aristide is really concern about my people.

If you dont like what I've just said, men bouda-m vinn banm baton.

Sonje sa ki te di a. SE SA KALA KA WEL.
Why can't you haitians see that we are alone.

All of these countries claimed to be Haiti's friend really don't give a shit about her. All they want is their interest and Fu*** Haiti.

NOU BEZWEN YON REVOLISYON BRITAL I dont care if I died from it. We haitians need to stand-up to reclaim our future.

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Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Frankly Dr D, The Zulu did not do better. Check out his dealings with the Teleco money and all his offshore nasty dealings with the devil But yes indeed we need a revolution once and for all. All the old Guard have to go. When I look at the crimin more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

As far i am concern, Haiti don't need these senators,don't need Preval,Aristide,Martelly and other C O C K S U C K E R like Bellerive. Haiti needs new blood. more »