Dumaine, I am with you on this. It is time that Haiti says to...

Tiba - April 14 2012, 5:11 PM


I am with you on this. It is time that Haiti says to these "blood suckers" enough is enough.

But I don't think there must be another blood shade to reach that goal.

Too much blood shades on the land. We must step away from blood and the killing and use our brain resources instead.

It's like the old saying "if you can't beat them you join them."

The most be a National reconciliation to forgive all those who did wrong to the country and heal all old wounds.

The elite MUST engage and contribute to the advancement of Haiti and there is no way around it.

The elite must recognize and take responsibility for Haiti's failure, and therefore redeem themselves by working hard together as one society to take Haiti from the dark hold she is in.

A better Haiti will be good for ALL. A better Haiti will make them even richer and wealthier.


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