Ville Jacmel

Nadege - August 1 2012, 11:57 PM

Dear Mr. President..i am not happy at all with your plan of Jacemel.

Why all thee hotels?

It seems like you are only rebuilding haiti to beneift the diaspora sector and not the people of Haiti.

We need real job creations and real development to make our country beautiful.

not a place where the eltie can exploit us. come on man!

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Yvrance Unelus says...

Nadege, tourism can bring great profit to Haiti. Have you ever been to Manhattan? Manhattan has many hotels to lodge the tourists. The economy blooms in Manhattan because tourists all over the world come to Manhattan. Jacmel can be a great place more »

Smith Marcello says...

Good job president martelly because the diaspora is haiti because the folks of the diaspora. Are taking care of the country, and i'm glad To know that your government is not just taking us for granted like the degenerates who were in office b4 you. more »