Make Haitian proud to have you as a president

Nancy - August 23 2012, 10:34 AM

Mr President,

I have seen you working Hard to bring Haiti in a path of success.

In doing so I want to raise some concerns:

1) I wouldn't want you to be known as a president that is only working on what the media see just to have good news and ignore other situations of the same level.

For example, why we are still having the tent cities?

I know that you worked with the people in the public places.

But what about those that are on some private properties.

Many of them voted for you to make a difference.

Prove them you are that difference

2) I know that having carnaval bring economic growth in certain section in the economy of Haiti.

But shouldn't we focus more on paying the teachers well. I am sure that all the officials are well payed and can have a luxury life. And I bet you if what they had wasn't enough according to their eyes, we would have had an issue on that. compare what they get vs the teachers (remember that teachers are the one educating our youth).

3) We can not ignore people's right because we want to preserve a land. These people live on that land for many years, and they had the right to defend themselves.

remember that our "neg marron" were people that settled on unoccupied land, and they were the ones to help free Haiti.

So settling on unoccupied land is part of our culture.

Using brutally is not the right way. And I hope you will be a president of human right not a dictator that will use all means to get what he wants.

I like You president.

I am a Haitian, and proud to be one. I can see the hard work that you are doing.

Don't let it be tinted by violation of people's rights.

Let it be know in history that you were the President that got Haiti on the path to success, and did so in the respect of all. As you said: you are there " pou sèvi pèp la"

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Good thoughts Nancy and courage. I feel speechless now. Courage. It is the time of the Haitian elites now. Let's hope things can get better. Can we expect better outcome from those bayakoues elites? more »