Obama Will Be Reelected To Collect Taxes On Behalf of The Tricky Conservatives

Toulimen Legrand - August 28 2012, 1:04 PM

They will make you believe that it will be a closed election and we will all swallow the pill. Capitalists and Elections Makers in America know how to fool Americans because the given brainwashed education does not allow them to understand modern slavery in America and elections/selections as well. The economy will slip into a deep depression to punish Americans for reelecting Obama.

Did Americans reelect Obama?

Find out and you will know yourself.

Obama will come up with a New Deal program like FDR and it will give it a new name if reelected based on the played scenario.

Republicans are punishing the earth by inflicting misery upon people to kill millions to decrease the world population.

The rich are republicans and they are everywhere in the world except in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and actually Iran. More suffering will come ahead and brace for the worst.

If Obama is not reelected one will have a sharing power with one term president to deal with the so-called New Deal or restructuration programs.

Wait and you will see how the scenario will be played with the Republican Elections Makers in the U.S.

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Nadege says...

Obama is the lesser of the two evils. If the republicans get elected..Haiti is screwed for sure. Obama does nothing for black people anwhere however he is not a tyrant. So haiti has a bit more of a chance. more »

Joubert L says...

Obama will be reelected with the coming of that party candidate of New Mexico named Gary Johnson a trick of the Republicans who want Obama to collect taxes on their behalf to restore the economy. This country cannot be restored without collecting tax more »