Obama will be reelected with the coming of that party...

Joubert L - September 1 2012, 1:30 AM

Obama will be reelected with the coming of that party candidate of New Mexico named Gary Johnson a trick of the Republicans who want Obama to collect taxes on their behalf to restore the economy.

This country cannot be restored without collecting taxes because Republicans will not the ones to collect those taxes.

With Obama reelected, we may get a crashed stock market and more suffering up to 2014. Obama will come with New Deal programs like Truman and Roosvelt.

The republicans already drained the Mississippi River to provoke faked drought to increase foods prices and they are spreading diseases all over the Southwest to kill some immigrants and old people.

Republicans are liars and criminal zionists.

I feel sorry for Obama because those criminals will create a lot of a faked troubles to bother him. With vaccines and all types of diseases, those criminals are worst than the Haitian Bocors or Champwels.

They are zobops ok!

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Obama Will Be Reelected To Collect Taxes On Behalf of The Tricky Conservatives

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