Downsizing Government in Haiti For Efficiency

Toulimen Legrand - September 4 2012, 2:13 AM

Common sense, is Haiti a communist country with a centralized party?

Remember, how much the former Haitian Army cost Haiti under Duvalier?

45% of the budget went to that army and the rest went to pay public employees at the exclusion of the poor. Tiba, we cannot develop Haiti if we have to continue to use Duvalier's structure of destruction in Haiti.

Look around you Tiba. DR employs only 10% of Dominicans in public offices and the private sector employs 60% of the rest. With a small government there they a poverty rate of 30% as compared to Haiti 85%.

Common sense Tiba, investors are mostly conservatives and not liberals and how they are going to invest in a country that has a weaker private sector.

You are for a strong public sector against a weak private sector to keep Haiti forever in poverty.

We want change Tiba and Haiti must modernize its structure to strengthen the private sector to employ more Haitians in Haiti.

Government should supervise and I don't it to be the big patron.

Communist with centralized government is not welcome in Haiti.

I am a humanist and conservative as you claim it. I am for efficiency and efficacity with a small government in Haiti and that will come soon whether you like it or not. Take care brother!

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