It always amazes me to see how far people would go just to be...

Tiba - April 6 2013, 9:33 AM

It always amazes me to see how far people would go just to be "polically correct."
Tom, you say "On a personal level, though you may consider me "white", I don't feel "white".

You are white but you don't white?

Then, do you feel black?


Asian, etc..?

Why are you trying so hard to minimize your race only to disagree with the article?

You would not disagree with the article if it wasn't true.

First of all, NGO's is just a title that piles up all the different organizations doing work in Haiti like: the Red Cross, the Clinton Initiative, the Sean Pen organization, etc...

It is a fact that NGO jobs in Haiti are strictly for whites and foreigners only. These organizations require such stringent almost impossible qualifications intentionally to keep Haitian natives away. For example, do I really need to have at least 5 years of experience working for an organization overseas in order to be qualified to get hired by one of these organizations to do any work in Haiti?

Most high end (very good) jobs in the US require only that the applicant meets the education with at least one(1) year of experience.

The few Haitians hired by these organizations are hired simply to wash their cars, cook, to do laundry, maid service, watchmen, courier service, etc...

These whites & foreigners occupy the high positions making from 30 to $70,000 a year plus meal & ludging with pocket money (spending money)in addition to their salaries that goes direct deposit to their bank accounts they have in their countries.

These people, as a matter of fact, don't really do squat other then drive 4x4 SUV, go to the beach every day, have fun and live the good life in Haiti while the population cannot eat.

That is the reality of life for these NGO's in Haiti.

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Dear M. Or Mme., I agree and disagree. It's not fair...


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