A Message For President Michel Martelly

Gerald Jeanpierre - April 12 2011, 8:01 AM

Dear President Martelly,

Please do not accept any body as your Prime Minister, since you ran your campaigns on change, it would be more wise for you to choose some body of your owned choice; some body like Henry Bake, as your Prime Minister, some body new, so the World can see Haiti in a different way.
2nd of all, create a special Account were Diaspora can contriubute funds for a specific Project, like school and sports.

If Haitian Diaspora all over the World donate $100.00 a year minimum, that would be more than $400.00 Million a year. This could be use for Education Budget or in-Corporated with the Government Educational Budget.

Mr. President dont think in the box, It is posible a greater, You'll be the first to have a system like this in place.

Haitian are generous when they can trust some body and I believe they will trust you; how ever do not wait to long on this apportunity.

Remember we the Diaspora we send an average of almost 2 Billion a year at Home. One hundred dollars is like one night Dinner for two or ten mile ticket over the speed limit, surely we can donate $100.00 at list a year to help our beloved Country Haiti.

The question is, Who can we trust; the answer it's you and if its not US Who?

and if it's not NOW when?.

Put GOD first, may God Protect and Bless you.;

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