Haiti - Operation "Quartier pa mouin pi propre"

Joyce Solman - April 22 2014, 10:21 AM

Haiti needs sanitation officers to go to the schools, the churches, the markets where the merchants gather to sell their products, to the restaurants, the hotels, etc., for one hour every week to teach the people about the importance of cleanliness.

Every town needs one sanitation officer to inspect restaurants, hotels, houses and fine them if they are not clean.

Haiti should make cleanliness a priority.

Keeping Haiti clean is everybody concern, not only the government concern.

Haiti streets and houses should be clean.

Residents should have flowers contest in every block to attract tourism in Haiti.

There should hold an "Operation quartier pa mouin pi propre" prize every year for the cleanest and more beautiful block in Haiti.

Residents should volunteer to clean their streets, not only the Sanitation Department in Haiti.

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