This is a new era. It is time to stop complaining about...

Joseph Silvio - June 14 2014, 8:43 PM

This is a new era. It is time to stop complaining about flibusters, and pirates.

You just have to put more security to watch over your country.

Some tourists just come to relax, to meet new people.You just have to learn English and start entertaining the tourists.

Remember, long time ago, people were illiterate and was just doing wrestling, and were afraid to meet new people.

They come to Haiti like they come to other islands like Bahamas, Bermuda, etc. for vacations, honeymoons.

You just have to build hotels, restaurants, night clubs, dancing clubs.

Right now, athletes will come to play all types of sports, like football, tennis, soccer, etc. Investors will come to create jobs. Haiti is on his way of development, open Haiti to the world and create jobs



Obama ak Martelly "2 pil a a" It's by design.

As ENGLAND owns all the islands in the caribbean, be certain that the Americans want this to be their own private...

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