Shopping malls in every sector in Port au Prince

Jayca Solman - June 24 2014, 11:21 AM

Haiti needs shopping malls in every sector in Port au Prince.

Haiti should build shopping malls to rent small business owners like they do in Kings Plaza, in every department, Build shopping malls to get rid of the flea markets on sidewalks along the roads.

The flea markets people should pay a fee to sell in the malls.

Create jobs. Help them sell their products decently because there are no jobs. Let them sell to bring the daily bread on their families tables.

Modernize the way the Haitian people live. Modernize Haiti.

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Mily Colas says...

I totally agree with the shopping mall in Haiti and I believe that it can get done just a little help because i am willing to collect and get in the process of Building this shopping that will bring a lot of jobs. more »