Congratulations, First Lady Sophia Martelly, Haiti is going...

Joseph Silvio - September 19 2014, 10:57 AM

Congratulations, First Lady Sophia Martelly, Haiti is going forward with healthcare.

All children needs vaccinations, physical exam every six months right in the school.

Most of the children are not living with their parents and are living with guardians who pay little attention to them and neglect to take them for a physical exam every year. Therefore, the school should ask the parents or guardians for the children to take a physical exam at least every year, to give the school a doctor note every six month.

Health and education come first in the life of the children.

Haiti, be healthy.

Health comes first.

First Lady Sophia Martelly, you are doing a good job for the children of Haiti.

We love you
Haiti needs three schools of Nursing and Laboratory in the North, South, and Port au Prince.

Haiti needs one Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry in the North, South and Port au Prince.

Create jobs in healthcare.


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