Sure, Haiti should get out of ignorance. Haiti learns to read...

John Cassis - March 18 2015, 10:34 AM

Sure, Haiti should get out of ignorance.

Haiti learns to read, Haiti cannot do much by himself speaking creole.

Haiti must speak French, English, Spanish, etc. Open Haiti to the world.

Haiti maximizes your potential.

Haiti must modernize the way he is living.

Haiti needs Laundromats in every department.

Haiti needs a minimum wage of at least $2 an hour. Haiti needs at least 2 banks in the South, the North, the East, not only in Port au Prince.

Haiti needs une Banque de Credit Agricol in the North, the South of Haiti for everybody to go banking about affordable housing, affordable school tuition, affordable car loans, etc. Haiti needs Insurance companies in the North, South of Haiti.

Create jobs. Welcome to invest in Haiti anytime.

International partners are welcomed to Haiti to create jobs and reduce unemployment in every department.

Haiti has the potential to become a Pearl in Motion in this millenum with Global Initiative.

Global Initiatives, Welcome to the Nippes anytime.

Develop Agriculture in the Nippes.

Haiti needs scientists to work on cloning chickens, turkeys, etc. Haiti needs scientists to work in the production of livestock, fruits, and vegetables.

Scientists and Agronomists should work together to develop Agriculture in Haiti.

Welcome to Bacconois to meet with farmers anytime.

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Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in...

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