Compliment for a job well done.

Brisma Chatelier - May 13 2015, 1:51 PM

Dear Mister President,
First and formost, I salut you, your family and your administrative's panel.

It is a great pleasure for me to take this opportunity to compliment you and your staff for the great job you are doing in Haiti.

I'm haitian, and i live in United States for many years, but i keep inform of what's going on in Haiti because i love my country.

When you first got on power, many people didn't believe that you and your staff can move the country forward.

Some even said: What can a musician do for a country that's already went so far down to the ditch?

They doubted you. But I'm here to compliment you for a job well done so far, although you are not done yet. You and your staff have been doing a wonderful job in the country.

Two thumbs up Mister President.

When i go to Haiti, I would love to shake your hand. If every previous President did what you did for the country, Haiti would of been the best place on earth to live. God bless you Sir.

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