Haiti should strong houses in brick for sales. It is hurricane...

John Silvio - June 4 2015, 6:08 PM

Haiti should strong houses in brick for sales.

It is hurricane season in all the Caribbean, in Florida, not only in Haiti, even in the USA. Haiti needs Assisted Living Assistance for retired Haitians working overseas to vacation in Haiti in the winter and summer.

Haiti should build strong 2-3 bedrooms for sales from $75,000 to $100,000. Create jobs in the construction business, in the real estate business, in the healthcare, hospitality, tourism.

The elderly people are confined home in New York during the winter because it is too cold. During the summer, the elderly people need an Home Health Attendant to take a walk outside, it cost a lot of money to pay a home attendant in New York. Create jobs in the healthcare business for the elderly people to go back home in every department.

Build Assisted Living Residences, Build Nursing homes.

For example, Elmaze, Rose Laure, Albert are planning to retire in the Nippes, Grande Anse and Cayes South of Haiti, build strong affordable houses for sales in Haiti on a mortgage plan. Welcome to Haiti anytime.


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