frud of money inthe usa

Moclairpetit - June 5 2015, 3:44 PM

hey my name is moclairpetit.and i was born in cape haiti iwas told by a person while back.any way icame to the usa1983iwas told by my sister and what happen is my mother evia and father montecouer petit was not a good parent what ineed to tell you is they was a child abuser one of my oldest sis call hrs for the state to come pick us up my brothers too.and then we gave them the parents one more try.but dont work.and ever since iwas on my own the socail security for disabilities stop my cheack as of02/1/2014because not a us citizen.idid every thing ican and i told them iwent to school hear.they say u still have to be a us citizen and a group call legal aid laws the one help me and a agency call covenant house for homeless youth and itry imagration they dont have my record o f me entering hear1983 they say it been outdated from freedom of information.can you please mail me a birh cirtificate.

i dont know if that would help.but lets give ashot 1204polk street orlando florida32805 thnnks.

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