Affordable New Homes for sales in Bacconois

Joseph Silvio - June 18 2015, 7:40 PM

The Nippes is a good place to vacation, to retire under the sun. Develop tourism in the Nippes.

The beaches are clean.

Bacconois is a good place to relax.

Bacconois needs an association of Architects, contractors, real estate,
home builders, businessmen to build strong affordable houses for sales for the people working overseas to retire.

Bacconois needs Assisted living residences, nursing homes, physical and mental rehabilitation centers, convention centers, hotels, etc. It is summer, it is a good time for missionaries cruiseships to come to convert the Haitian people to Christianity.

Welcome to Haiti, to the Nippes, South of Haiti anytime.

There is great profit in the construction business.

Create jobs right in the construction business in the Nippes, South of Haiti.

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Pierre Dollar says...

With the election season in the whole country of Haiti, every town in the North, South, East, West needs hotels, restaurants, inns, motels, buses on the roads, journalists, internets, radio stations, televisions for the senatorial and presidential ca more »