New homes for sales in every department to decentralize Port au Prince

Joseph Unelus - August 9 2015, 9:38 PM

Architects, masons, builders, contractors, bankers, carpenters, real estate businessmen, accountants, brokers get together to build strong affordable new homes for sales in every department in Haiti.

With airport in the North, South, Port au Prince, Haiti should build hospitals, assisted living residences, in every department, hotels, motels, inns, restaurants, night clubs in every town to develop tourism in every department in Haiti.

Port au Prince deserves fresh air, decentralize Port au Prince.

With a down payment of $10,000, the Haitian people working in the USA, Canada, everywhere overseas should be able to buy a 2-3 bedrooms house from $75,000-$100,000 in very department in Haiti to retire to their motherland in Haiti like in Florida.

Put buses on the roads in every department.

Create jobs in every department in Haiti.

Welcome to Haiti anytime.

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