Excellence President Michel Martelly, In spite of all the...

Hen - February 6 2016, 8:51 AM

Excellence President Michel Martelly, In spite of all the mistakes which is human, also due to lack of political expertise, Congratulations you have done a great Job in a trouble high sea with mountains waves of persecution.

If it wasn't for the opposition you would off bring Haiti a step further in the sight of the world.

If the opposition had cooperated with the team Martelly/Lamothe you would off shine the pearl which had been darkened for so many years.

I wish not the country to fall at the mercy of villains who only care for their pocket, their resentment hate, ego and bitterness.May you acknowledge God in your life and may His love and protection be upon you and your family.I'm sure that you have a heart for people please continue to help them to the best of your ability.God bless you.Your wonderful wife is the best first Lady Haiti ever known.She worked as hard as you. First Lady God bless you and thank you. Always remember Haitian's problem is not a government but it's the Haitian himself who need to change their mentality otherwise the saga continue.

Excellence Martelly be encouraged you can never please everybody.

In sum you were not perfect but who is. Truly I prefer dealing with your imperfections while progress is being made than with the perfection of the opposition who stopped and hate progress and development and keep destroying the very little we had even the future of our new generation.

I think it's a big mistake to live the country in their hands.God have mercy on Haiti.Good bye Excellence.Come back in a decade.

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