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Respect must be a two way street in Haiti

☺☻Less than one percent of Haitian has the monopole of wealth, unbridled freedom, justice, civil rights, human rights, free speech at the expense of 99% of the population. They are the ones that reserve the rights to exploits... more »

Amnesia pills are the best sellers in Haiti

☻☺ Amnesia pills outsell coffee, AK-100 and clairin or tafia in Haiti since May 14th, 2011. Government employees, parliament and politicians are buying those pills in record breaking. One Dominican mistress even called the wife of a... more »

Martelly plan to nominate his cronies as Mayors by bypassing election

It appears that the political spikes on Martelly plate are not enough. Now he is trying to nominate all the Haitian Mayors himself by bypassing their elections which is a gross violation of the Haitian laws. Martelly will put his cronies as Mayor. more »

50 high quality machetes mfg by Robert Mole & Sons of U.K, shipped to Haiti

A shipment of 50 high quality machetes or cutlasses that were manufactured by Robert Mole & Sons of Birmingham, England in 1930 just arrived in Haiti. The Haitian parliament will symbolically put on the chopping block the head of Martelly and his... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011-Part-A-1

◙ When President Jean Bertrand Aristide normalized diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba on February 6, 1996. Shortly after, Martelly taxed President Aristide as communist for reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Now... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011-Part-A

◙ What do Michel Martelly and Rene Preval have in common? ◙ ijdh-org/archives/23277 ▬ 18 November 2011 ►Nou Bouke Viv Anba Tant! more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 20 November 2011-Part B

Psychiatrist-born Sophia Martelly, visited the Ha more »

Einstein theory about the speed of light might soon be in the dust bin

If my physics teacher is alive today, I wish that he could read this scientific finding. From combined sources ▬ 18 November 2011►Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result♦The team which found that neutrinos may travel... more »

Haiti will not have a military under Michel Matelly's regime

This is a reminder to those with selective amnesia and those who are too young to remember the political and repressive climate under the regime of the Duvaliers. Most of Martelly friends, associates and advisers and collaborators are former Tonton... more »

18 November 2011 Martelly military speech

Wacko-sparrow Michel Martelly delayed a presidential decree that was expected to reestablish the Haitian military. During his bold face saving manouever, the pseudologue insisted Friday that the decision to delay a presidential decree... more »

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