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Haitian Vitamin-News 4 November 2011►Special reports-2

Voodooist exhibiting their hidden self or refouled tendencies during the day of the death Poverty and stress release opportunity Modest offering to the departed from mostly matter to mostly energy. more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 4 November 2011►Special reports-1

Haitian president Michel Martelly in Port au Prince after returning from the USA on November 3, 2011 to Haiti after a 10 days of questionable trip. A Vaudoo ceremony held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.on November 1st, 2011 for the... more »

It is 10 P.M. Do we know where is the sparrow-wacko Michel Martelly? ?

Well since sparrow-wacko Michel Martelly is the man who is far, nearby and nowhere simultaneously and who do not accept responsibility for his illegal actions, we believe right now he has a monologue with his "crack" pipe or with his Prozac in a... more »

L'homme de tr

Michel Martelly, l'homme de lointain, tout pr more »

Wide spread panic in Martelly camp ♦ Jean Claude Duvalier may go to Dom Rep

The question is who is minding the store? Martelly childish and ghede like behavior will cost him the presidency soon. 3 November 2011► Parliament stern inquisition regarding Sparrow-wacko Martelly kidnapping of Honorable Deputy Arnel... more »

Martelly paid over 1 million US $ for people to great him at the Airport

The sparrow-wacko Michel Martelly paid over one million dollar to poor Haitians for staging a so called mass demonstration of support to welcome his arrival from the US today Thursday November 3rd, 2011 at 10:40 AM but it is the same government who... more »

Agent-x has zolera of the brain n any1 thinking a little bit...

agent-x has zolera of the brain n any1 thinking a little bit knows how he got that. it is a complex disease that of those receive when they are involved with swallowing during strange love games with males with the cholera strain known as... more »

Michel Martelly diarrhea is reported under control after four days

Doctors that is in charge of the treatment of Michel Martelly said tonight that Martelly diarrhea is under control. Some medical personnel observed that he has an obsession with Arnel Belizaire picture. Martelly was treated with psychotropic drugs... more »

As you know, I am with you Agent-x. Arnel is a good citizen...

As you know, I am with you Agent-x. Arnel is a good citizen, although the raping of 3 under age girls is not part of his public records. He is good caring deputy who just wanted some money to help his municipality and is getting punish for it. Jusl... more »

Arnel Belizaire is like : Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, Malcon-X etc..

The Honorable Arnel Belizaire is a social justice and equity defender like Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, Malcolm-X, Elbert "Big Man" Howard; Huey P. Newton, Sherman Forte, Bobby Seale, Reggie Forte, Little Bobby Hutton, Rosa Parks, Eldridge... more »

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