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Addendum: Michel Martelly could use the fistibals or slingshots...

Addendum: Michel Martelly could use the fistibals or slingshots as Defense Anti Aircraft--DCA to shutdown his Dominican competitors that are returning from Colombia Florida and Mexico. Maximum range of the fistibals or slingshots is 75 feet which... more »

Wanted: Slingshots or Fistibals are needed for Michel Martelly military

Michel Martelly malice milice Rose or malicious Pink militia are trying to buy weapons thru his crack, cocaine marijuana drug cartels connections in Florida, Colombia and Mexico to equip his militia because the weapons or arms embargo on Haiti... more »

◙ The Human rights Brief Center for Human Rights and...

◙ The Human rights Brief Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 25 October 2011► Coalition of Civil Societies Challenge the Judicial Response in Denationalization Cases in the Dominican Republic more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 26 October 2011

◙ Indybay-org ▬ 26 October 2011► Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation ♦ It's ongoing today under America's imperial boot, UN paramilitary occupation, and stealth Duvalierist Michel ("Sweet Micky") Martelly's... more »

Sparrow-Wacko Martelly and his gangsters must go by any means necessary

Sparro-wacko Martelly should pay acute attention during his nocturnal dreams because eight messengers are waiting around his bed to carry him away. The following is the name of those guys: 1-Alexandre Petion 2-Philippe Guerrier 3-Sylvain salnave... more »

Beware many people entered the national palace few leave alive

Beware some monsters are roaming in the compound of the National palace in Haiti. Rumors have it that lately some visitors did not leave the compound alive other are missing few were killed inside the compound. The monster exhibits intermittent... more »

Has anyone seen the video of agent-x with anyone of...

Has anyone seen the video of agent-x with anyone of significance, in terms of having any impact on the haitian political scene. But if you are patient agent-x will give you evidence of what mental diarrhea can do. Just wait and see. Btw, agent-x i... more »

Some of Martelly pictures with his meeting with former presidents are M.I.A

This is a food for thought. The pictures of Michel Martelly's meeting with Henri Namphy, Leslie Fran more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011-Part-D

◙ Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011 ◙ Haiti ▬ Radio Caraibes 17 October 2011►"Martelly, un tyran en herbe", dixit Arnel Belizaire ▬ Arnel Belizaire heated exchanges interspersed with foul language and threatening... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 21 October 2011-Part-Ccc

◙ Haiti ▬ 21 October ► Today Haitian Police arrested illegally judge Wilner Gelin and manhandling him during supposedly for failure to move his car after he was instructed to do so. The police who are involved in this incident... more »

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