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Piga w kontinye ap rantre drog nan peyi Dayiti.

Malandrin,malfwending. Pa rantre drog nan peyi ya ankwo. W tande neg! Jean Pierre Alexandre more »

Pou drog kab rantre plis. Li ta mete mil waf menm!

Pou drog kab rantre plis. Li ta mete mil waf menm! more »

Animal,you need to know the real story of Haiti

Jean Pierre Alexandre OAS is a criminal organization to disturb by design Nations around the globe. The so-called third world countries are not welcome as States for such criminal run elites organization for hundred of years. Haiti have the longest... more »

Malfwending nan neg yo

Obama aka Obozo, gen yon avyon ki rele " chanje Air", tandiske Aristide te gen2 yonn ki rele "Vol Air",lot la rele chim Air", baz yo te rete " Bel Air " Preval gen yonn li relel " Tafyat Air " Avyon Matelly a rele " dil Air ak boz "Air baz li nan ... more »

Ready for the New World Order? Things of the past. Agenda 21...

Ready for the New World Order? Things of the past. Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 more »

Nanpwen yon politisyen Ayisyen ki pa merite pann!

Lonbrit pouri,san malandrin,san sal ki toujou nan tet peyi Dayiti. Se pa espwe yo toujou mete moun ki pa entelijan nan tet tout peyi nwa yo. Sistem demonik ki ap detwi piti bondye ya"di Izrayel" gen pou'l fini. Tet langyet manman mateli ak tout lot... more »

The criminal elites of the Illuminati,Luciferian,Draconian system hijack Haiti.

Let's think about the evil absurdity of the crisis playing out in Haiti, and the complicity of international forces that set the stage for this looming tragedy five years ago. President Michel Martelly of Haiti is refusing to leave office on... more »

Pase yon kod nan tet mateli

Pep la dwe pann mateli ak tout lot kriminel yo. more »

End Game 1. Basic Economic Changes: From Anti-austerity to Anti-capitalism 2. Social Polarization: From "we are all middle class" to "1% versus 99%" 3. Changing "higher education" into "job training" - why, how and for whose gain? more »

Animal Martelly

Animal Martelly, You should read,the finacial times"" Reality must match Haiti's aspirations In spite of positive change, poor social and economic development continues to blight the country. Agenda 21... more »

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