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Haiti Is An Overdue Incubator Full Of Bad Eggs.

How to find the perfect egg in the middle of the rotten eggs? I suggest you to take your time,to clean,to desinfect,keeps the proper moisture level,right temperature and put new eggs in place. Very simple. more »

Chin yo Bay Pou Jean-Max Bellerive La.

Dear President Martelly, Depi travo-piblik Jean Max Bellerive ap souse'e Ayiti san fe'e an-yin. Nan moun pa yo mete'l premye minis,san ront ke liye,li pa eseye fe anyin pou peyi'ya. Chin sa dwe soti sou moun avek yon pon kot pie nan tou boudal'l. more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, Congratulations, 1)Prays to the thru God first in the first day of your presidency ask him for wisdom. Contribute to Shalom tabernacle,the new construction soon to start, even if it's a bag of cement or claim your corner... more »

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