Video: proje yon bank pou prete jeune haitien lajan pou fe biznis

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Gade video sa ... President Michel Martelly ki ap bay information sou yon proje Bank

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Joseph Silvio says...

This is a great project that should come to fruition as soon as possible.

Haiti needs affordable housing development in all departments.

Haiti needs hotels in all provinces for tourists to come for home shopping as they do in Florida, Hawaii, Porto Rico, etc. Haiti needs one commercial bank in the North, one in the South, not only in Port au Prince.

Haiti needs one airport in the North, one airport in the
South for tourists to come on vacation, honeymoons, etc. Businessmen, small business owners will be able to get together in partnership to create jobs, reduce unemployment in

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Joseph Unelus says...

This is no lie. This is a great possibility.

Haitian working overseas in the USA, Canada, etc. should have the opportunity to come to invest in Haiti.

Haiti needs a bank commercial in the North, one bank commercial in the South for the Haitian in the Diaspora to invest in real estate, housing development, business schools, car dealers, supermarkets, garage, clothing stores, etc. Young entrepreneurs should get involved in small business to create jobs and reduce unemployment.

Haiti needs one airport in the North, one airport in the South to decentralize Port au Prince.

Real estate investors should build houses in all departments to sell the Haitians in the Diaspora on a mortgage plan.
Build in the provinces, decongestion Port au Prince, develop housing in all departments.

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Cliff Simon says...

Mesye a bay manti pou dan gryen
men li konn Q moun poul bay manti pouli C yon bagay lap fe sanl pa lonpwann C lelmi lap chache pou li C sak rele fe kanpay la BAY

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Lamontagne Waldy says...

Mwen ta renmen fè pati kliyan bank

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Cliff Simon says...

Neg la blofe lmante manti wi lap bay
Bon lap rete pou desanm
Michel Matelly al chache on kotew grate

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Paula says...

C est une bonne chose car la jeunesse haïtienne et très intelligent, ils ont pleine s de bonnes idées .félicitation président Martelly comme femme d affaires j aimerait être sur le comité qui évaluera les projets malheureusement je ne vie pas actuellement dans le

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Juan Severin says...

This is a great project for small business owners.

Partners can get together to apply for loan to create jobs like Laundromats, restaurants, beauty parlors, clothing stores, grocery stores, dry cleaning, barbershop, cosmetic supplies stores, garage, bakery stores, ice cream stores, photography studio, beauty school, electronic stores, jewelry stores, shoes stores, furniture stores, pharmacy, etc. This project will reduce unemployment in Haiti.

Congratulations, you are bringing change in Haiti.

This is a first step in the development of economy in Haiti, young and ambitious entrepreneurs can get a loan to open their own

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Bonnagay Miliem says...

Mwen panse se yon Bon bagay wi prezidan ap fe. Se pot la lap ouvri pou jèn yo en

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Salnave James says...

j'aimerais participer dans ce programme et bravo

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Jayca Solman says...

Congratulations, Haiti needs 2 commercial banks in the North, 2 in the South for working families to borrow money for small business to create jobs like Laundromats, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, supermarkets, motels, business schools, carvel ice cream store, bakery store, shoe stores, computer store, home appliance store, clothing stores, cosmetic supplies stores, etc.,affordable housing, real estate, property loan, tuition loan, car loans, etc. Create jobs and get out of unemployment.

Welcome to Haiti any time. Haiti needs airports and banks and insurance companies in the provinces
to decongestion Port au

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