VIDEO: Président Martelly est honoré par la Fondation Happy Hearts

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Regarder cette vidéo... Le Président Michel Martelly est honoré au Gala de la Fondation Happy Hearts à New-York pour son leadership à donner l'accès à l'éducation gratuite à tous les enfants haïtiens.

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Joseph Silvio says...

Congratulations, With President Martelly, Haiti is getting out of his shell to expand his horizons, open his mind and combat illiteracy in Haiti.

This is a new era, Open Haiti to the world, modernize Haiti.

With President Martelly, Haiti is going forward with an up to date education right now. God Bless Haiti and President Martelly.

Haiti, Learn to Read, Read the Bible, with faith in God, everything is possible.

There is change for a better Haiti, with faith in God. Haiti returns to Prayer.

Haiti, read the Bible every

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Carolle Jean says...

Beautiful I am proud of my president.

Thank you for showing Haiti with positive image

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Juan Severin says...

Congratulations, President Martelly, you are the Renaissance man of this millenum for Haiti.

With President Martelly, no child left behind.

Education pou toute moune rich comme pauvre an alle lekol, jeune moune comme gran moune alle lekol.

Learn to read to get out of ignorance and illiteracy in Haiti.

Knowledge is power in this millenum.

Long live President Martelly, the King of Enlightenment in Haiti in this

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Cederna Jeanphilippe says...

God bless president

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