Preval Demons Were Responsible for the Black-in

Micky S Shadow. - May 18 2011, 2:36 AM

Preval conjured an unnamed demon during Martelly's inauguration so he could change the course of history.

The end result was a black-in.
The Venezuelan Diplomat was able to detect the odorless sulfur in the room. He took quick action to chase the unnamed demon from the room. He ordered the black out. The unnamed demon's horns got entangled in the wires from the electrical generator during his hasty retreat.

Demons are not too good at crossing electrical field and electrical field are their greatest enemies.

Earthquake occurred last year while Preval was conjuring another demon while he was under the influence of klerin.

He lost control of the situation and the demon almost killed him because the demon released tremendous energy under the mountain and caused the earthquake; that is why he was missing in action for several days.
According to Ti Jean, Linglinssou, Legba, Petro, Ghedee, Grand Bois and Eurzuli, Martelly should avoid to kill anyone during his administration because the moment one person is killed he will lost all the supernatural protection he is currently enjoying and such action will be irreversible.

Done at Trou Foban during a timeless extraordinary session with our Heroes of the Independence and the Ginin Gods.

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Meni Luot says...

No Micky did his own magouille to portray himself as a victims and justify future repression in his administration. more »