People under tents

Bijou - May 24 2011, 1:14 AM

People under tents think they are going to have house for FREE and then international or the government will feed them. They have to understand they have to work to live, to educate their children.

They left the land in their village and came to Port-au-Prince to beg. You have to put some sens in them. Aristide manipulate them to make them think if some one works for his money, they should have a share while sitting on their behind.

"If you cannot eat, ask your neigbour WHY" Because your neighbour works and respect his work. Haitian does not have respect for people, for properties, and for their work. If they are working, they think they are making a favor to the employer.

When you dismiss them, they want to get money for free, they go to the ministry of Social affairs as you did something wrong.

They have to be lazy and you have to accept them they way they are. Haiti will never change with that kind of mentality.

Ask them to stop having children to put them in the street.

Start talking about tubal ligation after a woman has a few children with no help.

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