It is sad that Haitians are arguing about race issue after...

Toulimen Legrand - June 4 2011, 10:15 PM

It is sad that Haitians are arguing about race issue after Martelly has been elected as their president and the president of all. However, we cannot deny the race factor as a real issue in Haiti, but at this present moment after the last earthquake that took the lives of 300K Haitians, I think that all Haitians should focus on rebuilding Haiti instead of focusing on racial hatred that failed Haiti in the past 50 years.

As Martelly stated it in his last political speeches during the Haitian's Flag day that if he fails the whole Haiti would fail.

Martelly has a political agenda to fulfill and he wants all of us to come on board to help rebuilding Haiti.

Those who are waiting to witness his failure are waiting to witness Haiti's failure and if Haiti fails after this past earthquake no one will come on board to rescue it. I am inviting all those bloggers to unite themselves and stay away from this blog manager's plot to divide us more. This blog manager is the one that keeps bringing those faked issues on this blog to divide us more. Haitians, please seek unity and peace to save Haiti and I agree with Linda at 500% that Haitians had failed Haiti over the past 56 years or so. Whether they were dark or light skinned Haitians, they had failed Haiti.

It is the time to forget and forgive if we want to move Haiti forward.

Haiti can be saved and healed.

Let's put our differences aside to heal and save Haiti.

Listen, Se Pom ki lanve e mwen se Ayisyen tankou tout moun alo an nou mete tet nou ansamb pou nou sove peyi a. Good job Linda!


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