Creativity and constructivity!

Emmanuel - June 13 2011, 8:14 PM

As a Haitian living abroad I am deeply disapointed about the way Haitians use this medium to express their feelings.

My view is ...if one has a positive idea for the progress of Haiti, please come forth with it.

For sure, some of you who are reading this are either, lawyers, doctors and academics, who can truly contribute to a better future for Haiti.

We are the brain drain of that country, designing the roads and cars for America, France, teaching at the Sorbone and MIT etc...

So, if you are really interested in a new and improved Haiti, please rise up to the occasion.Don't stand on the side and critize, be involved, and be counted.

We all hope for the best for the country.

It starts with YOU !!

Thing about it !
From Canada

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