No Happy Day No hanky panky for Bamby

Agent-x - July 1 2011, 7:24 PM

communique-2 20110107
No happy Day or night or hanky panky for this fatty flabby tacky scratchy cranky shabby yankee's lackey bambi.

The yankee's lackey wacky bambi should be in jail awaiting charges against him for extraordinary crime against humanity, for looting the Haitian national treasury thru organize crime.

For systematic abusing power and authority, For rape and attempting rape under the supervision of JackAss Gracia during his make believe school years [oh I like this girl go get her for me]
If yankee, s lackey wacky bambi is not arrested and rushed to jail for the above crimes, I Agent-X will make a citizen arrest.

Done at the bastion of the resistance in 207th of Independance

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