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Re: Congratulations!

Anthony Bouchereau - July 11 2011, 5:05 PM

Your Excellency:

Please allow me to congratulate you on winning the Presidency and to formulate a few suggestions that will hopefully ameliorate your plight.

You are doing great and you have also won the Diaspora.

In reference to "Restavec" which is equivalent to slavery, it is not conceivable for the only country in the world to have ever fought and won a Slave Revolution to condone slavery.

Haiti has many former Presidents living there currently.

Please sit them down in the same room, and oblige them not to leave until they have formulated a plan to eradicate this problem now.

In the U.S., many States have laws that protect a mother who drops an unwanted child at a Hospital, with no question asked.

As to how to care for these children, we in the diaspora will support you.

I wish you the best of success in rebuilding the country and making Haiti the Pearl of the Caribbean it once was. Know that you can count on us to participate in making Haiti a jewel once more.
Very truly yours,

Anthony Bouchereau

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