Why world police are still tracking and punish crime committed...

Justice Without Borders - July 11 2011, 4:11 PM

Why world police are still tracking and punish crime committed by the Nazis in 1944 and the same people want us to forgive and forget all the crimes and the continuation of the crime by the pro Duvalierists and anti communist.

Duvalier Killed 100,000 Haitians for the Americans.

Toto Constan, Jodel Chamblain killed score of Haitians.

Guy Phillipe claims the live of 6000 Haitians through Cholera+ the massacre that was done earlier in Raboto, Citee Soleil, Belle Air etc+ Namphy, Cedras, Lafontant, Francois, etc crimes all pro Duvalierist, anti communist, pro capitalist who have no conscience, no moral.

Their standard of morality is the dollar bill.
I feel the CARICOM should set up a Nurember tribunal type for Duvalier, Trijullio, Sir Eric Gairi of Grenada because those criminal has followers that committed atrocities and they are still alive.


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